Working together for shared success

On Friday 17th May the FundsLibrary team were lucky enough to spend the day together in a slightly different location to our usual London and Bristol offices. We ventured to the Mendip Hills to take part in our annual Team Building Day and with the great location set we were ready to get stuck in to a range of fun-filled activities. The focus of this year’s day was one of our five core values – working together for shared success.

Armed with our brightly coloured branded t-shirts, our eight teams battled it out in a day of two halves, competing against each other in “Archery Active” and “Mission Impossible”.

Archery Active, a game that can be best described as paintball with bows and arrows, enabled us to hone in on our accuracy and team tactics. With foam tipped arrows flying around and points on the line, it was crucial to communicate and work together to be crowned victors.

Well done to the ‘Green EMT-eam to Beat’ and the ‘Blue Whale Growth Funders’ for winning their Archery Active tournaments.

Team members practicing with bow and arrows at team building event The yellow team practice their archery skills

For the second part of the day, the teams had to complete a variety of challenges set within the beautiful Mendip woodland. Each individual activity challenged us in a different and original way, for example the “Crate Stack” required nerves of steel, excellent balance and complete trust whilst Fuel Rods needed great logic, strong communication, assertive delegation and teamwork to pass the test.

Congratulations to team ‘Orange is the New Blackrock’ who not only won the Mission Impossible challenge but also won the prize for the best fund related team name.

Three teams participating in Team Building activities

For everyone here at FundsLibrary, team building is about bringing people together for a day out of the ordinary, offering the chance to bond, work cohesively, improve communication and ultimately have fun with one another. Well done to the whole team who made it a day to remember and special thanks to Mendip Outdoor Pursuits for welcoming us and putting on an excellent event.

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