Time flies! Another annual KIIDs refresh is upon us.

With the deadline for updating all KIID documents fast approaching, our Data Services team are working closely with our asset manager clients to ensure that by the 19th of February, every KIID will have been updated and is therefore compliant with the UCITs regulations.

In 2019, through our close collaboration with our clients, the Data Services team were able to deliver an impressive score of above 95% coverage for more than 30,000 units, and they are determined that this year will also be a success!

For KIID and PRIIP KID distribution requirements, we have developed a unique and streamlined portal that offers our clients multiple ways to upload and distribute documents. A beneficial feature of our Document Manager solution includes uploading individual or bulk PDF files or individual or bulk URLs, simplifying the upload process for the end user. Furthermore, any updates made to documents are instantaneously displayed on all supported platforms and confirmation of the successful release of any new document is sent via an automated email. The portal will also monitor the ISIN, date and length of the document, automatically detecting any discrepancy. Our automated system enables users to closely monitor all documents at all times, so that they can rest assured the end client is receiving the most current and accurate data.

If you are already a FundsLibrary client and your 2020 KIID documents are ready now, please upload them to our Document Manager solution ahead of the 19th of February.

If you would like further information about our data and document distribution solutions or have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We look forward to helping you with your regulatory requirements.

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All figures correct as at 31.12.2019.